Tesho Akindele

This week on Play By Players, Bobby Boswell is joined by Orlando City SC and Canada Men’s National Team forward Tesho Akindele to talk about the importance of education in his career and his off the field initiatives.
This week, Bobby and Play By Players bring Orlando City SC and Canada Men’s National Team forward Tesho Akindele to the podcast. Akindele boasts over 280 games played throughout his Major League Soccer career, 19 Canadian International Team representations, and two Open Cup championships. Listen in to hear more as Tesho sheds light on his life off the field, including the importance of education, exploring other interests as a professional athlete, and athletes using their voice for greater change.

Akindele grew up in Canada and then moved to Colorado where he spent most of his adolescent years. Brought up with a large family influence, his father guided him to find his passion for soccer while both his parents taught him to maintain discipline through both his athletic and academic career. With an emphasis on academia, Akindele describes to viewers how pursuing a degree allowed him to mature and build as a player and seek his full potential in the league. This episode, listeners will have the chance to see Akindele’s interests on and off the field including his active real estate investor status and efforts towards providing affordable housing through the “Yes in my back yard” movement.

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