It’s showtime for Play By Players Season 3, and your host Bobby Boswell is kicking it off with FC Dallas defender Sebastien Ibeagha. Beginning his soccer journey back home in Nigeria as part of an exceptionally athletic family, Ibeagha came to the United States at a young age and continued his soccer career there. Ibeagha has played over 200 professional games and received various accolades throughout his college, USL and MLS career.

In this week’s episode, the two sit down and discuss the mental and emotional aspects that play into an athlete’s ability to perform while Ibeagha pinpoints the common thread of feeling as though you need to prove your worth in the league. Listeners will get a candid look into Sebastian Ibeagha’s life prior to his MLS debut and where it stands now in addition to how Ibeagha motivates himself to break down barriers and deliver his best performance.
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